Yes, it is ! You dont need to pay for your ts3 server. However you can help us to grow to build better and stable infrastructure by upgrade to VIP package. Your donation is useful to keep service stable and networking ready for your server.

We can offer 99,999% uptime, it is possible on our cloud powered platform. However if you're not VIP there is NO SLA guarantee. We will do our best to keep this project stable.

For now You are able to create server in France and Canada. However we plan to grow and add Australia, Germany, Poland, Singapur.

Since it's very huge infrastructure and thousands of people are in our community. We are not able to handle physically this kind of requests. For now there is only one method that allow you regenerate your admin token. It's vip panel software and by the way You can support our project.

Ofcourse, your admin token will let you to manage your server however you want. Change your server settings any anytime and feel free.

First of all please click 'VIP Membership' buton in left corner and use this method to receive vip panel software. You should include server ip and port with e-mail, after payment just wait for validation.

Unfortunately it is not possible. To make our project more popular we need to advertise our project on your server. To prevent this kind situation you can upgrade package to VIP or became our premium partner.

No, we don't remove free ts3 servers. That's why our community is growing so fast and why so many users trusted us. To be sure that your server will remain active, please use it (speak) at least one time in 7 days.

It is an solution to play music on your ts server. By using web interface you can upload music and setup bot however you want!

Please take a look to our TS-DNS section where You can create subdomain for your server. In this case you don't need port to connect with server in ts3 client. For premium domains, see VIP panel.

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Our TS3 hosting infrastructure is based on cloud computing platform OpenStack with triple data replication.
Additionally we use dedicated servers with load balanced networking system.