TeamSpeak 3 binaries updated.

All European and America's clusters has been updated to version server 3.0.13.X

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02.01.2017 * Mon.

New project and network upgrade

From now You can create free cs go server on our second website -> free cs go server generator
It should be interesting for people who are looking for server to play a match with friends. If you like our ideas and services, You are welcome to share it.

By our decision two projects are separated to provide best quality for each one project. Also we have decided to upgrade our network infrastructure to let our service remain stable while project is growing so fast. See you next time and thanks for over 50000 connected people every weekend !

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12.12.2016 * Sun.


Good news! Now you can hide your IP anytime while connecting to any teamspeak3 server for free ! It's the best way to avoid ban and protect your privacy. It's pretty easy and simple, just type IP and Port to server you want to connect and choose 'Generate proxy address'. In result you will receive IP:PORT to connect with.

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18.09.2016 * Sun.


Temporary we have disabled contact form due to thousands of messages, while we want to keep premium service for our VIP members, who let us grow to keep infrastructure and networking stable and free for all users.

Thank you for understanding.

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11.08.2016 * Thu.

New locations!

We launched two new locations for you! Officially, there are also Asian co-located in Japan and location of the East-European in Moscow!

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28.05.2016 * Sat.

Time to start!

We can announce that we are ready for first visitors! Feel free to use our newest services based on our expierience. We belive that this website could grow with your help, so if you have any suggestions please use our contact form. We are high motivated to provide best service ever. As you can see there is already prepare load balancing system in Europe 1 and Europe 2 (our robot decide where to create server) while canada became alone until we have more visitors from North/South America. Soon we prepare for your possibility to upgrade standard plan to premium. However in right upper corner you can donate us by using PayPal form. If you have any questions, just take a look for our FAQ section or contact us directly. We are ready to offer you support, because another services are seems to be not good at overall with this kind of work. In monitoring option, we have added current state of our hosts with graphs usable to check how our community grow. If someone need use domain instead of ip:port, please take a look to TS-DNS, it is also prepared for You. What we can say, we are waiting for your feedback to offer best hosting service TeamSpeak 3 ever. Have fun and we are invite you to share this project.

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21.04.2016 * Thu.

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Our TS3 hosting infrastructure is based on cloud computing platform OpenStack with triple data replication.
Additionally we use dedicated servers with load balanced networking system.