Get web panel software to manage your server with all options!

Demo panel

Remember, we offer only PANEL, the server in this case is a free addition to the panel.

Our services are monitored, so we do not offer any support!

Upgrade to the VIP, preventing You from returning to the free version.


We offer Panel, server is FREE
Webcontrol WWW panel access to manage your server.

From Panel You can:
Disable ads
Set 500 slots
Get Server Query port
Automated Backup!
Set permissions for the highest Codec quality
Server Restart/Reinstall
Server Graph Stats
Tokens Management/Generate
Get actuall numerical IP
Create server baadge (example)
Set 5 private sub-domain like (worked with 3.1.5 client)
and more.. (check screenshots)

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Our TS3 hosting infrastructure is based on cloud computing platform OpenStack with triple data replication.
Additionally we use dedicated servers with load balanced networking system.